Jules Hornbrook

Freelance copywriter and content writer from Cheshire, providing quality copy for websites, company newsletters, blogs and press releases.

Reinventing Rochdale

The day started with a pie. In fact, it was a gorgeous Butter Pie from Greenhalgh’s bakery in the heart of Rochdale. Okay, so this Crewe lad had to sheepishly ask what it was (layers of buttery potato with delicious cheese encased in melt-in-the-mouth pastry, in case you’re wondering), but it was an easy sale for the […]


Cheshire’s engine room

The prospect of super-fast HS2 trains connecting north and south rumbles ever closer. For those in Cheshire, that means the opportunity to hop-aboard at Crewe (eveHS2ntually). Forty-eight minutes to THAT London by 2033, if the hype is to be believed. I’ve spent that long getting to Nantwich (four miles) by bus once-upon-a-weary-journey ago!