Why businesses should add website content

Businesses are often told they should add regular website content… you know, latest product/service information, blogs and news items. The question most ask is whether it’s all worth the effort? Here are a few thoughts…

A decade ago, companies with websites were trend-setters, early adopters and leaders of the digital revolution. The Internet was up and running long before that, but few businesses had truly embraced its power.

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and others were just launching to the masses, and using the online arena to sell, advertise and compliment the overall marketing mix was alien to most.

Fast-forward to 2019: if you haven’t got a company website, or at least a Facebook page, well, there will be raised eyebrows to say the least!

The dilemma for most company owners, directors and managers is what to publish on their sites. Ideas come and go, but often they are swept away and filed under irrelevant, time-consuming and probably worthless. And who has the time to write them?

The result: little gets added, the existing text becomes dated and often irrelevant. Customers disconnect.

Don’t let that happen. Those urges to write and broadcast shouldn’t be wasted – they just need to be harnessed!

In many ways it’s sensible to hold back a little, as too much guff can deter just as great content can draw readers in and, ultimately, potential customers.

Don’t get caught in the digital headlights, too scared to move or act. With most ‘buyers’ now online via computer (the big thing sat on your desk), laptop or mobile, you really MUST have a regularly updated online presence.

But why?

Well, as those consumers, buyers, supply-chain partners and other potential clients can access the world at the click of a button, that’s exactly what they do – they check you out.

Good content, a well-written home page and relevant supporting pages sets the tone. Your website is your calling card, the first handshake, the beaming smile and, hopefully, the invitation inside.

You don’t have to write thousands of words each week, but what you present to the world needs to engage readers, hold their attention and encourage them to want more – and want to buy your services.

What does website content offer your business?

  • Fresh content shows that you are active and open for business
  • It’s a chance to highlight your expertise
  • There are great opportunities to link with social media campaigns
  • Search engines (Google, Bing etc) love new material
  • Unlike some repetitive adverts, good writing attracts people to your site
  • It’s a subtle way to build brand awareness
  • You enjoy free advertising when people share your news items
  • News agencies can pick up your story
  • Build relationships with customers before you meet them

There are many statistics floating around the Internet, but most commentators seem to agree that you have a limited time to make a lasting first impression. The articles you publish need to hit the right spot.

If you need some help putting those words together, then please get in touch. Your ideas and passion deserve to be showcased.

So, let’s get those thoughts online, and in a compelling and easy-to-absorb format.

Blogs, telling your company story, client case studies, employee bios, descriptions about innovative products and services, news items, special announcements, or just a few words about how you’d like to change the world. It’s all good.

Give your customers a reason to keep coming back.

Get in touch if your business needs a little help… juleshornbrook@gmail.com

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