Books for life

A book shouldn’t be for a season, but it doesn’t get much better than an irresistible page-turner, strong coffee, a lazy cat by your side and early morning sunshine. A planned 20-minute read became two hours… more!

I hate this book already. With a passion. It’s gorgeous.

And no, I’m not revealing the title. Bought for my partner, it was passed to me as she devoured the final page. She loved it. In fact, she’d been telling me as much for days.

It’s a thing I do. Buy her books. Always second-hand, not because I’m a cheapskate but because books should be passed on. Read again, and again.

My bookshop of choice is the British Heart Foundation. Either Rochdale or Crewe. They stock loads, often pristine and unread.

People buy books, hoard them, leave them on shelves and finally give in to a clear out. For charity. It makes them feel good.

So, these books become charitable offerings. Usually £2. Not much to potentially save a life!

For her birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and often for no reason whatsoever, I buy my lover books.

I read some of them, but too often I have a backlog of my own. Fiction, research, newspapers and magazines. There’s usually a pile of paper looking for attention.

This book was different. The cover, back-page blurb, first pages and general vibe grabbed me immediately. I suspect I’d secretly hoped that she’d enjoy it and insist on my reading it.

She did. I am.

I’m still not revealing the title.

I’m part smitten, part fascinated, part tormented.

Why? I don’t think that I could ever write as well. That is very frustrating.

Each line is beautifully crafted. Clever. Observant. Funny. Too many other adjectives.

All I can do is soak it up, stroke the cat, sigh, enjoy the chapters and smile.

I’ll kick-start another project of my own of course. I can’t help myself. The desire to write better and create something of beauty is never ending.

And I still don’t know why.

I don’t think it’s recognition. It’s not money. I think it’s just producing something that makes a few people happy. I think that’s it.

So I’ll crack on.

After I have read this bloody book!

RETRACTION: I don’t hate this book. It’s wonderful. It’s medicine for the eyes. I’ll keep this one. To read another time.

And no. I’m still not telling. Maybe when I finish it. Probably later today!

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