Crocodile Love, a novel…

Delighted to announce that Crocodile Love has been released as an eBook on Amazon: a romantic adventure that whisks readers from Manchester to Montego Bay as lead character Marty tries to unravel his complex life threads…

Crocodile Love - front cover, Nathan RigbyPublished on Amazon HERE, Crocodile Love is about love, life and loss… about taking chances, trusting the heart, picking through complex emotional minefields, remaining upbeat, dealing with set-backs and, ultimately, seeing the best in people.

The first question most have asked is whether Crocodile Love is autobiographical. The short answer is no. However, as with most people, and certainly most writers, there are elements of me and snapshots of friends, family and many acquaintances peppered throughout the text.

Being able to write from first-hand knowledge and experience is always preferable. It usually results in something authentic, believable and immersive. As such, the locations (with a few name changes) are very real, hopefully portrayed such that the reader feels part of the story. The same is true of characters, as we have all met those who feature in the pages of most books, just as we have rubbed shoulders with those depicted in sit-coms and films.

Crocodile Love, novel set in Jamaica - Jules Hornbrook

This “debut” novel is a departure from the usual football and social history subject matter I have covered across the last decade, although most previous titles have been written as stories. Crocodile Love will hopefully surprise, intrigue and make you smile. It’s about hope, belief and determination, with twists and quirks that should keep the pages turning.

Anyway, here’s what’s known as the back-page blurb to give you a feel for the book:

Marty Harris is a twenty-something dreamer. Flat broke, back at his mother’s house, he is about to get divorced. That’s all self-inflicted, but what really frustrates him is Gerry McKinnon – the elusive father he has never known.

A mysterious silver crocodile skin boot kick-starts his mission to hunt the man down, but Marty is soon distracted. A chance online encounter with a beautiful Jamaican girl called Sunshine leads to romance and Caribbean adventure. 

Ditching Manchester for Montego Bay, it’s the perfect chance to enjoy stunning scenery, meet colourful characters and forget his troubles. What could possibly go wrong as he seeks to get his life back on track?

You can buy the eBook from Amazon HERE.

It’s been a while in the making, but having spent the last few months revisiting the text, editing, reading, listening to friends’ thoughts, I’ve fallen in love with the story myself. That will sound strange to many, but writers can be very critical of their work. Getting to this point has been a bumpy ride!

Pouring over something you have written is never easy. You speed-read passages because you know the content backwards. That’s how you miss typos, silly errors and poorly-written passages. With Crocodile Love I’ve been lucky enough to have several keen-eyed friends giving invaluable feedback. The book has slowly developed into something I am really pleased with.

So, now it’s over to the public. Getting feedback from a wide range of readers will give me the opportunity to continue evolving my writing style.

Otherwise, I have a follow-up planned, further ideas for stories that need to be developed, and a football biography to finish. Time to get back to writing…

*** Crocodile Love was published in September 2017 ***

*** Cover art by Nathan Rigby ***

Crocodile Love - front cover, Nathan Rigby

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