Need the right words?

You love to chat with customers and suppliers, and you’re passionate about your company. Putting that enthusiasm into words is the missing link!

Does that sound familiar? Let me help…

Most business owners realise the value of great content; words and images that showcase what the company does.

Sometimes it’s essential – such as the product pages that detail exactly what you have to offer.

Other items, such as employee profiles, news items, details about shows and exhibitions you have attended, or even charity events you have supported – well, let’s be honest, they often drop off the radar.

Then there are the more general posts, pieces of writing that associate your company name with the latest industry trends and developments. They show that your finger is on the pulse.

If you had the time, you would write them all. If you could find the right words you’d be confident to upload your own copy so that everyone could read your pearls of wisdom.

Sometimes it just takes a fresh pair of eyes, a slightly different perspective, someone not wired to the company 24/7.

A freelance copywriter can be a quick and affordable way to deliver the content your business needs.

That’s where I can help.

With a wide range of experience across several industry sectors, I listen to what you’d like to achieve, assess your existing content, and then craft the words that you require to connect with your audience – the customers that buy your products and services.

Whether it is blog posts, news items, landing pages to ensure that you grab the Internet searches, company newsletters, or maybe press releases when you have something you’d like to shout about, let’s discuss what you require.

And don’t worry about the social media side – those cunning 140-character Twitter snippets, or slightly longer messages you post to your Facebook or LinkedIn pages. I can help there, too.

The end result is getting you and your business noticed and encouraging potential and existing customers to take action – and that means sales.

Get in touch now and we’ll find you the right words!

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