Catching the Pokémon watchers!

A muddy brown droplet hit the floor as my coffee cup shook. I was fighting back the laughter as not one, but two young lads bumped into a market trader as their quest to track down Pokémon was briefly stalled.

The guy flogging fruit and veg scoffed and got back to his business.

I was sat in one of my favourite independent coffee houses contemplating the morning, typing a few notes on the mobile. It was relaxation, recording a few lines of thought as I perused the i newspaper. The sequence of events is something I have adopted for some time.

Routine is important for most people, and plotting a freelance journey has seen me determined to set myself a few rules. However, I am also enjoying the flexibility that comes hand-in-hand with being my own boss.

That can mean slotting in some work when required.

Take Saturday, the dawn of another chilled-out weekend for many who are lucky enough to avoid working perhaps the most unsocial of shifts. I rose at 7am and hit the keyboard. Really!

And yet crafting a few words has never been graft to yours truly. I love it. Ideas race through my head constantly, and if anything I probably forget more than I manage to transfer to page or electronic file.

So with a client proposal completed, a press release refreshed while I awaited a photo, then a short blog post edited, it was time to get out an about.

The early morning flurry of copy was to compensate for time spent in meetings during the week. I’ve had a busy one: a new client, a great catch-up at Crewe Hall’s wonderful Brasserie, and a jolly to Liverpool.

Still, three hours was hardly arduous toil and the sun was shining as I strolled into town. I took my spot on a comfy seat in the window as my steaming cup arrived with a smile and one of those moreish biscuits.

And then the comedy unfolded outside.

pikachuNow I don’t know my Pikachu from my Squirtle, but with two teenage lads themselves gripped by the phenomenon I am fully aware of the craze that has swept many nations and sent Nintendo’s share price rocketing.

Taking a quickie picture of the Crewe Market Square scene a few minutes later probably made me look like a Pokémon hunter. But who cares. It’s all harmless fun.

Market Square Crewe

I upped sticks and headed home to kick back and enjoy some weekend sunshine in the back garden.

The Pokémon crowd were still there, and more rolled up on bikes, all desperately tracking one or more game characters that were lurking somewhere near to the Big Bill clock tower.

Well, they have gotta catch ‘em all…

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