Lazy Sundays for business

Business never sleeps, especially with so much trading done online these days. But for owners of small and medium sized companies it’s also important to get the work-life balance right.

The big question is can business owners really keep their website content fresh and engaging without jeopardising all of their “free” time?

Most entrepreneurs reading this will surely scoff at the idea of a “lazy Sunday” and being able to down tools to chill out with family and friends.

There are ideas and improvements whizzing around their heads, forthcoming meetings to plan for, plus accounts and other administration tasks to consider.

Let’s face it, running a business of any size is a challenge and juggling the many elements that can make or break things is never easy.

So why heap further pressure on yourself?

You want to keep the website updated and relevant, but invariably that means using the core Monday-to-Friday time that really should be spent on what you know best – your industry sector.

Then weekends, although providing further opportunities to grow the firm and keep on top of things, well, they really should offer some time to relax.

All work and no play makes Jack… and all that!

For many, though, it’s the only chance to create articles, blogs and update the company’s website landing pages. And then there’s the monthly newsletter to consider.

But it’s time consuming, and you’ve already had a long week!

Moreover, that walk with the dog, the afternoon BBQ or the chance to catch up on a film will have to be thrown on the backburner.


So you get back into the office on Monday morning and consider your options. Recruit someone into the business, but be faced with high costs and maybe having to spend time training.

Or, hire some help.

The main obstacle is usually control. It’s a worry, for sure, placing your company’s reputation in the hands of stranger.

Well it doesn’t have to be difficult. There are opportunities to forge new partnerships, add some great value to your business profile and put your products and services out there with some polished pieces of writing.

Perhaps the best aspect of utilising a freelance writer is that you can still call the shots:

  • Face-to-face meetings over coffee will ensure that you’re on the same page.
  • With a simple email or text, you can suggest a topic that you’d like to be covered.
  • Freelance writers do this for a living; use them to generate varied and good quality ideas.
  • You’re the boss, so you get to sign-off the copy or ask for changes.
  • You get the words you need to showcase your company, when you need them.

Hiring a freelance content writer allows you to concentrate on the day-to-day issues that demand your attention.

If you’d like a FREE consultation, maybe a chat over coffee to discuss what can be achieved for your business, then get in touch.


You never know, you might even be able to kick back and enjoy a few weekends.

For articles, blogs, interviews with customers, employee bios and newsletters, contact Jules on 07486-683626 or email

Now, try and enjoy the rest of your Sunday…

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