Update that business blog!

You run a successful business, you know that keeping your company’s name in the public eye is important, but have you kept your blog posts and news updates fresh this year?

Back in February I questioned how many New Year resolutions had already lapsed. We’re all guilty; forgetting about that gym membership, not keeping on top of paperwork, or allowing the company website to look tired and dated.

Most people let things slip. We are human.

When I started writing for businesses I was amazed how many clients wrote great articles but rarely added new content themselves.

The reason was always a lack of time. And yet everyone I have spoken with WANTS more content.

Now that sounds like life in general; rarely enough hours in the day to do the nice-to-haves that would, ultimately, improve other aspects of our life or business.

But good content engages customers, it keeps them informed about your services and products, and it helps new clients find you on the Internet.

Most businesses know this. Doing it – and regularly – is usually the problem.

You have good intentions, and set out determined to add something exciting and meaningful to your website each week. But something always crops up, and you put that half-written blog post on the back burner.

The same happens to most small-to-medium size businesses that do not have a dedicated media team to call upon.

Maintaining a regular Internet presence takes time, but the benefits make it worthwhile.

The big question is what does this extra effort get you?

For starters, the search engines love new content. How your company ranks in those oh-so-important results pages matters. It could mean that you get the business instead of a rival.

You are the brand ambassador, and what you broadcast is unique, valuable and newsworthy.

Regular, informative blog posts show your knowledge and enthusiasm. That builds trust and confidence in what you do. You become the go-to expert. That builds strong relationships, ensuring repeat business.

Providing relevant information will allow your customers to make a decision when they need questions answered.

A simple blog post gives you great social media options; one item can be linked to Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn several times. You will connect with more potential customers.

Don’t be afraid to ask questions within your blogs posts. That will get customers interacting with you, recommending your website and passing the information on to others. That’s free marketing!

Crucially, the whole world sees that you’re open for business. Your name and business logo stays fresh and relevant.

The message is don’t let it slip. Evaluate your company’s website content strategy – now!

If time is still against you, then perhaps I can help. A freelance copywriter delivers words when you need them, so you spend more time focusing on your business.

Simple 400-500 word blog posts, maybe the occasional meaty 1000-plus words to cover a topic in detail, interviews with your employees or suppliers, newsletters, product landing pages or perhaps a press release…

What do you need?

Get in touch – juleshornbrook@gmail.com

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