Spring clean your business website!

Out with the old, in with the new! With the birds singing and the sun shining, now is the time to assess your business website.

Make sure it’s relevant, up to date and packed with fresh content.

It’s that frenzied Spring Clean season, at least for some. But don’t just dust behind the sofa, shake the rug and hoover the cat.

Take a look at your company’s online presence – staff profiles, product details, and check when you last updated the news or blog section.

I know it can be a daunting experience. That cupboard under the stairs is scary enough, but the Internet and how others see your brand doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

Your website should meet-and-greet prospective clients with a beaming smile, and welcome back old friends with a hug. Clicking onto your site should encourage people to locate information quickly, make decisions and want to take action.

Generating regular, informative content is your opportunity to engage customers, establish yourself as someone with knowledge and give visitors a reason to return.

If finding the time or the right words is an issue, then get in touch.

Short words, long words, fancy words… let’s find the words that complement your brand.

From edits to epic posts, simple product descriptions to newsletters and stories about your employees or business – you decide. I’ll deliver the copy.

Check out some of the articles, press releases and stories on my blog…

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