Words, video and pictures

Promoting your business can be a bit tricky. It’s a complex mix of often awkward ingredients, but apply the right splash of evocative images, a few well-chosen words and a truly heart-warming clip of video and you’re onto a winner.

I’d like to think that over the last seven days all of the above have been achieved. For once, I’m enjoying a lazy Saturday morning. It’s coffee, toast, a smug cat, snoozing chocolate Labrador, and chilled-out radio kinda scene with my gorgeous girlfriend. So with a steaming cup of Columbian in hand, I’m reflecting on a cracking week of creative writing for a diverse bunch of clients.

From Indian wedding entertainment to Cheshire estate agents, charity bike rides for Alzheimer’s to some snazzy 3D photo trickery and craft beers from Tatton… it’s been another varied week.

That “words, video and pictures” combo came to fruition yesterday. And it’s ongoing. Today marks the start of World Autism Awareness Week, and I was lucky enough to work on a press release about an amazing lad from West Kirby. Mikey Pinder struggled with communication issues for years, and it affected many aspects of his life. Then he found wakeboarding, a rather cool version of skate/snowboarding – but on water! It’s bonkers but brilliant.

With some help from the team at Liverpool Wake Park, Mikey has blossomed. He’s a star, a real entertainer. I penned some words, linked quality images and an irresistibly uplifting video to showcase what has been achieved. The result: a powerful PR campaign that grabbed everyone’s attention, and quite rightly so.

MIKEY PINDER in action 5 (web) - by Jon Shrimpton Photography
Jon Shrimpton Photography

For me, the highlight was seeing people’s reaction to Mikey’s smile and upbeat demeanour. The BBC Northwest Tonight team loved his story and included the video in their Friday evening feature. The release also made it onto ITV Granada’s website and the pages of the Liverpool Echo.

Sure it’s work, but it can be very satisfying and rewarding. So if you need help putting come content together for your business, then give me a shout. Let’s see where a few words, video and pictures can take us…


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