Healthy blog, healthy business

Tick, tock… wow! It’s March already. Have you written that latest company blog post yet?

With January promises already consigned to distant memory, I wonder how many New Year resolutions have already lapsed. That could involve forgetting the gym membership, failing to keep on top of those invoices, or not updating the company website.

We all let things slip. It happens.

That’s no reason to become complacent. Like puppies for Christmas, updating your company information, refreshing news pages and blogging should be for life.

Forgetting to write an update or running out of time to make those planned changes to important web pages are the most common frustrations I encounter. You have good intentions, but something else always crops up.

You are not alone.

Maintaining a regular Internet presence takes time, but the benefits make it worthwhile. And just like enjoying an ongoing healthy lifestyle, your business profile needs keeping in tip-top shape. Every week. Every Month. The whole year.

That means describing your latest exciting product/service improvements. It means putting a personal face to your company, something that builds strong relationships. It means putting meat on the bones, giving customers added value and a reason to keep returning to your website.

But what does this get you?

  • Search engines gobble up new content. Your rankings improve – organically.
  • You are the brand ambassador, and what you have to say is unique, valuable and newsworthy.
  • Regular updates show your knowledge and enthusiasm. It builds trust and confidence in what you do. You become the go-to expert.
  • Providing relevant information will allow your customers to make a decision.
  • A simple blog post gives you great social media options; you will connect with more potential customers.
  • Asking questions within your blogs will get customers interacting with you, recommending your site and passing the information on to others. That’s free marketing!
  • The whole world sees that you’re open for business. Your name and logo stay fresh and relevant.

Most companies, whether large or small, begin with great intentions. Then it grinds to a halt. It doesn’t look too clever, clicking through pages and seeing the latest item dated many months ago, if not years.

So don’t let it slip; we are only just getting 2016 started. Take a fresh look at your company’s website content strategy – now!

A healthy blog will lead to a healthy business.

If time is still against you, and you would like to discuss some options, perhaps utilising someone who loves to write and is passionate about Cheshire businesses, then please get in touch – details HERE.

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