Life’s wonderful jumble

The journey of a freelance writer is rarely dull, but some days are truly exceptional. Today was a fabulous mish-mash of martial arts, single dads, camera parts, entertainment agencies, coffee (obviously), a Royal Navy reunion, two graphic designers and a cat. Roughly in that order.

Let’s kick off with some karate. Wow! You meet some fellas and think: whoa, steady, he looks a bit handy. Well today’s opponent was in a different league. I suspect that he’d have sorted me out with one arm behind his back, blindfolded and sipping a (manly) mug of steaming coffee. Thankfully, I was there to chat about his story, a pretty remarkable tale of someone who has tackled life’s conundrums head on. I like him. There will be much more posted here as the project develops.

As of today, I’m also taking pictures again. I love it. The chance to let creative juices run riot. I got lucky with a tidy Canon 7D that a friend is off-loading. So I got all trigger-happy with the eight-frames-per-second that grabs most of the action and soon fills even the amplest memory cards. As you can imagine, there will be a few Crewe images going online very soon. I’ve really missed snapping, and I’ve yearned to get another decent DSLR for some time. So, in true Mickey Flanagan style, I’m back in the game.

Luckily, since taking the freelance plunge, there’s been some healthy interest in what I do. That’s writing words, by the way. Short words. Long words. Fancy words. Over coffee in a characterful Victorian building off Nantwich Road I discussed options with an impressive entertainment agency. They tick all of my boxes. Local people, great company, flying the flag for Crewe all over the UK. Power to them. It will be a pleasure crafting some content to buddy what they already do with panache.

Hello sailor! I was more green than great on ships; in fact, I was more Fleet Air Arm than salty dog. Choppers occupied my time serving Her Majesty. Today some old faces from 38 Flight popped up. The lads that introduced a wet-behind-the-ears lad to the real world have decided to have a reunion. And what a bunch; proper blokes from all walks of life. I had the pleasure of sharing a few years with them. In Dartmouth, Cornwall, Portsmouth and London. Can’t wait to hook up again. There will be drinking!

And so to Hops bar just off Crewe town centre; that oasis of real ale, great company and idle chat…  an all-round top chill-outery. With IPAs, liquorice stout and strawberry beer in the mix, not one but two talented graphic designers set me thinking. If there’s a way of involving local people in great projects I like to see it happen. So numbers were swapped, backs were patted and we all agreed that every last one of us were wonderful. Well, someone has to. Listening to people talk excitedly and passionately about what they do puts a smile on my face. Can’t wait to work with them.

So why the cat? Well, he’s cute, and he’s always there when I roll up at home. Waiting, with that “I’m hungry, where have you been kinda look,” as he contemplates his claws. He amuses me, especially when he tries to eat pizza off the carpet! The image below is from a few years back when some cunning camera angle trickery made him look the size of a tiger alongside my youngest. As I said, I’ve missed taking photos… and perhaps now my previously wonderful but jumbled life will really come into focus!


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