Crewe And Its People

On Thursday I met with an inspirational guy from a local agency.  We chatted about writing, social media and several print & design topics. We also reflected upon varied careers across numerous industries. What struck me most, however, was his desire to promote the potential of Crewe and its people. That’s always been something important to me.

Mercian Regiment 042

The conversation got me thinking. Our paths had crossed numerous times without knowing it, and the same names kept cropping up. Good, honest folk who had inspired, challenged, created and improved things. It reminded me of the Crewe blog website I maintained some time ago, a period that gave me great pleasure. It was a huge shame when that archive disappeared (a technical issue), but many of the stories, interviews and photos still exist as part of other projects.

Postal Workers' rally 15, 25 October 08

So, ahead of publication of Crewe And Its People (volume 2) in September 2016, I thought it would be worthwhile to share the forty stories from the original book that was published in 2009. It was such a wonderful collection of diverse lives, it would be a shame  to leave them largely forgotten on book shelves.

Market Square seen from third floor of Costa Coffee, September 07

There are some fascinating personal snapshots, little gems recorded with people who had lived, worked and celebrated life in the Cheshire town of Crewe. These memories form an important part of social history that should be passed on to the next generation. This is particularly true following the sad passing of several of the characters featured within its pages.

Edward Timpson & David Cameron in Market Square

The original work was never created as an eBook, so making it available for the common good is, I think, the right thing to do. In no particular order, the stories will be posted here between February and July this year.

The images that accompany this post also appeared at the back of the original Crewe And Its People book, pictures that I took between 2006-2009 to showcase some of the places and events from that time…

A second volume of fascinating Crewe life stories will be available to buy from September 2016. Subscribe to my newsletter HERE if you would like occasional email updates about publication dates for this and other Crewe/Cheshire book projects.

Sgt Wolfbanger at The Box, May 08

Wulvern Elderly Day cake, October 08



  1. Monique

    Hello Jules, never saw the original book so will look forward to seeing this. If you were to do another volume I have a few snaps of Crewe, mid eighties you can have, some graffiti that my friends did and the partially demolished houses where the new junction pub and shopping centre are. And punk gigs at G’s!


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