Load of rubbish

The Crewe Clean Team (CCT) met on Saturday morning. They pick litter. Others, with scant regard for society or the environment, have tossed aforementioned rubbish on the floor. I have never understood why people think it’s acceptable to simply discard unwanted wrappers, cans, knickers and fag ends on the floor.

20151121_101114I joined the modern-day Wombles on Mill Street, that rather grim stretch that connects the town centre with our railway hub. It is, largely speaking, no-man’s land. Wickes DIY emporium is one of few businesses that trade along three hundred yards of wasteland. Perhaps because this patch is a riotous tumble of weeds, fractured concrete and fallen masonry, people afford the land even less respect.

That’s no excuse, though. Some people are lazy. They have no manners or respect for others. That small animals become entangled in plastic bags is of no concern to them. They do not know how to behave in public. The more extreme me wants to take refuse sacks of scraps collected by the CCT and dump it on the doorsteps of the offenders. But that would be pointless. The clueless morons need to be fined and educated. Thankfully, initiatives are afoot to spread the message early – to school children.

The volunteers help to improve a different area of Crewe each month. I feel guilty that I don’t attend each session. I also despair that more folk don’t step forward to help out, set an example and shame the pathetic litterbugs. But others cry foul, mocking us for “doing what the council should be doing.”

Perhaps the local authority should spend more on keeping our town clean, but any hint of increased Council Tax would make blood boil. Austerity is a reality, so until more lavish budgets allow I’d rather get stuck in and make a positive contribution.

On Saturday, 14 volunteers collected around forty sacks of rubbish, cans and bottles. You could help too, by visiting HERE and coming along next time (in early 2016). Just for an hour. There’s usually a tea/coffee and some biscuits laid on. Today that was kindly provided by The Corner Bar off Nantwich Road/Pedley Street. So go on. You know you want to…

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