One night with Elvis!

leemkElvis lives! Well, I saw a bloke that looks and sounds like the King when I was down in Bury St. Edmunds last weekend. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no Elvis devotee. But after a full-on, sweaty encounter with Lee Memphis King (LMK) I have to say that I’m a convert.

The venue was the rather excellent Apex in the heart of town. It’s a new-build, but WOW the acoustics are impressive. It’s even got character, intriguing and quite an achievement considering the paint’s only just dried. It’s light and airy, easy to access and the seating is fabulous.

As for Elvis, well, I half expected a middle-aged crooner with an overly orange sun-bed tan, stuck on sideburns and a quiff. LMK is all that, but boy can he sing! He also has bags of personality and really knows how to work the audience. He felt like a best mate by the end of the concert.

All the favourite tracks featured, as did a clever video backdrop that showcased the ’68 comeback and Vegas years.  What grabbed me was the interaction with the audience. He sang, shimmied, told gags and did a few impressions. Then the band performed a few tracks in the round as they strummed guitars. Brilliant.

The night was topped off with a few classics (I couldn’t help myself singing “The Wonder of Crewe”) and, not wanting to disappoint, as the punters made their way out, the guy on the Tannoy advised us that Elvis had, indeed, left the building. Fantastic evening.

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